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Visual Artist

Samanta Malavasi was born in Carpi (MO), Italy. 
She lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
1996  High school Diploma in Ceramics, Art Institute, A. Venturi” Modena, Italy. 
2001  Master Degree in Visual Arts, Accademy Fine Art,  Bologna, Italy.
Samanta has always focused on the search for transparency in social relationships as well as in her work. With her Transparent Art, she wants investigate the role of the individual in relation to his environment and real beauty of humanity. Her practice can be a cross between Abstract Expressionism and Arte Povera. Combining transparent material such plexiglass, pvc, plastic, with strong acrylics paint, she creates works that appear to radiate light from inside produce changes in appearance depending on their surroundings and the viewer’s position. The more she works on transparent surfaces, the more she understands the light and spaces that inhabit her works. In the same time she is tryings to investigate the effects of light and shadows through different materials. Transparency is also essential in everyday communication now more than ever. She uses artistic means to explore social issues such a violence, invironment, prison realities, human relationships.

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