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Rareș Manolache

Rareș Manolache, a young entrepreneur with experience in 3D modeling, created the first DIY prototype of a QWERTY Braille keyboard, designed to be 3D printed, and published the project on the GitHub platform, a website with open-source resources, from where it can be free download and made at any 3D printing center.

The innovation project started from the fact that there is a real need, but keyboards for the blind are few on the market and very expensive, their price starting at 200 euros.

Because there is no complete alternative to this situation, engineer Rareș Manolache created the 3D Braille keyboard prototype to provide access to opportunities for people with special abilities, with suitable tools for them.
The keyboard used for the first prototypes is a T-Dagger Bora Mechanical ​Blue Switch with a Tenkeyless look (87 keys, 80%), and the keys have a DSA profile, as it has a low profile with a ball tip and allows for better placement of Braille symbols over each key. 3D printing was done using SLA technology using the Prusa SL1 printer. The research project was financially supported by the Artificial Intelligence start-up, Knosis.

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