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It Was Magical!
Documentation available:

Susceptible by Anna Dumitriu and Alex May

Our network was introduced to the public in December 2022, with an inaugural exhibition intertwining art and medical sciences.

Between November 28 and December 5, the first exhibition of TherARTpy (Art, Healthcare & Technology) brought together at Galateca Gallery a series of interactive installations at the intersection of art and medicine, created by artists, doctors, IT specialists, psychotherapists, researchers and 3D printing engineers.

Anna Dumitriu & Alex May (UK)
Sabina Suru (RO) 
Floriama Cândea (RO)
Alina Tofan (RO)
Ana Ilie & Natalia Marin: Design&Science (RO)
Ioana Patrascu (RO)
Samanta Malavasi (IT&DE)

Livia Greaca (RO)

Rares Manolache (RO)

curator: Natalia Marin (RO)

image: "Susceptible" by Anna Dumitriu & Alex May

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