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Livia Greaca

Livia Elena Greaca is a graduate of the National University of Arts Bucharest, member of Union of Visual Artists from Romania, Decorative Arts Branch and Alumnus Scholarship in the framework of the Young Talents program, the Royal Margaret Foundation of Romania.
Artistic practice focuses on exploiting the expressiveness and formal characteristics of
textile fibers, as well as the symbolic valences of fabric, the main medium used in
the view of conveying the concepts and the artistic message. Livia Greaca is an active presence on the contemporary art scene, proposing an alternative vision through his experimental approaches on textile art and traditional techniques specific to this environment.
Starting from the premise that textile is a common product of nature and human activity, it is used artistically in the interests of creating structures, forms and visual effects that make a constantly resorting to nature, which inspired them. The themes that occupy central positions in the activity of creation aims at the transdisciplinarity of the SciArt invoice.

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