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Ana Maria ILIE

Artist and Curator

Ana Maria Ilie (RO)
is a multidisciplinary artist, a graduate of the Theory and History Of Art department within UNArte Bucharest with a master degree about Installation Art in Romania after 2000. Passionate about art and poetry, she have started to write and draw at the age of 10, and both of these hobbies have started to become her entire universe. Later, in 2017, she launched her first poetry book, The Radiography of Silence, and also first jewellery brand, Ana Ilie, creating unique handmade jewelry based on recycling and mixing antique pieces of jewelry and remains of genuine leather.
As a curator she's working independently and also in a very prestigious art gallery in Bucharest, creating unique concepts for design fairs or solo exhibitions for young artists in Romania.
In her solo shows as an artist, she developed a liaison between mixed media art works, poetry and design, creating interesting installations , treating subjects like pandemic times, traumas or our reactions against stressful moments.

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